Desiderium - Fashion Film


Words by Kacy Heywood from KA_HE.

“Before leaving Australia I wanted to capture my position there. A stamp if you will of my thoughts, emotions and existence. How I felt at the time seemed so parallel with the landscape. The feeling of isolation through pre-existing hurt and trauma but the beauty and strength of it all too. Jordan Kaye seemed the perfect person to approach for this task. Our first meeting we sat and talked about our lives and how we viewed art and the world. We spoke about poetry, traveling alone and the independent drive and pursuit we both have with our work.
So, instead of getting a tattoo as a marker, it has been an absolute pleasure to create this with you @jordanjkaye .”

Art Direction, Production and Clothing : Kacy Heywood
Direction, Cinematography and Edit : Jordan Kaye
Beautiful Talent : Eva Akhurst from Duval Agency
Hair and Make Up : Candice September
Music: Patrick Gabriel

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